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About US

Welcome to HipFired Media, we are a tournament organizer and casting company our goal is to provide professional events and casting for all eSport tournaments.

We believe that through hard work and commitment we will always improve to be able to deliver exceptional high quality coverage.

This comes down to our professional attitude, hard work, and dedication to always meet expectations of our clients and viewers.

The Studio

  • Professional audio and lighting
  • Studio desk containing displays for sponsors
  • High quality twitch stream overlays and graphics
  • Match highlights and spectator camera tracking
  • Match Vods are all saved on our twitch channel for future reference

Our casters for the matches are LycanN and NeeLa

Contact Us

We'd love to hear from you

Whether you have a question about our services or want to contact us for business inquiries. Our team is ready to help and answer all of your questions, please send us an email to

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